Sisters Arabic


Sisters 12 week course covering Madinah Book 1. Two options either on Sundays starting 21st September 9am-11am or Mondays starting September 22nd 10am-12 noon.

Al-Ansar Marriage Event


Al-Ansar Marriage event Sunday 30th November 2014. 12-3pm. Download the form and email to or bring with you to the event.

Ansar Winter Conference


Let’s revive our Eman. Al-Ansar Winter conference 25th, 26th & 27th Dec 2014.

Bridging the Gap between Islamic & ‘Modern’ Education



Based on Ta’līm al-Muta’allim-Ṭarīq at-Ta’-allum (Instruction of the Student: The Method of Learning), a famous Islamic Pedagogy manual written by Imam Burhan al-Din az-Zarnuji (d. 602 AH). Over the next 5 weeks we will insha’Allah explore some of the most foundational principles of tarbiyah whilst trying to bridge the gap between Islamic and “modern” education.
Lecturer- Abu Bilal Sanel

Starting Sunday February 26th after Maghrib Salah

The Final Rites



What takes place?
– From Point of Death to Ghusl
– Post mortems & Coroners involvement
– From Ghusl to actual Burial
– Wills
– There will be a Washing and shrouding demonstration and opportunity for Q&A
Talk by Mohamed Omer (Gardens of Peace)

Saturday 18th February after Maghrib Salah

Know Your Rights- Moazzem Begg (CAGE) Sat 21st Jan 7.45pm



“With the recent changes in British law and the ever increasing power of the authorities, it is imperative that you know your rights” Sat 21st Jan 2016 7.45pm

“The Challenge Of Dawah In The 21st Century”




Follow in the footsteps of the companions and understand “The Challenge Of Dawah In The 21st Century” on Friday 25th November 2016 after Isha, 7:45pm, in Goodmayes, Ilford at Al-Ansar Islamic Education centre (Refreshments will be provided.)

Then, learn how to convey the call and take care of new Muslims on Saturday 26th November by attending iERA’s new and improved dawah training course.

Finally, join the iERA Team in Ilford Town Centre on Sunday 27th November, and apply the knowledge learnt by sharing a warm and friendly case for Islam with your local community.

Register online

The Life & Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)- The Best of Creation



The Life & Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – The Best of Creation

Every Friday after Isha (7.45pm)- Starting THIS Friday 18th November

Ustadh Adnan takes us on a journey, in his unique engaging way suitable for all ages, bring the whole family.

Signs of the Day of Judgement- Bank Holiday Monday 28th March 2016

Al-Ansar Event

Signs of the Day of Judgement- Bank Holiday Monday 28th March 2016 After Asr 5.15pm

Ustadh Abu Hafsa
Ustadh Abdur Raheem McCarthy
Ustadh Asif Uddin

Al-Ansar Event