How to Register

The section below is under development and will be launched in early 2015. In the meantime applicants are requested to DOWNLOAD the registration form, complete and return via email to

Step 1 – Register Your Details

Click HERE to begin the sign-up process.

Our sign-up process is easy and straight forward. Our carefully selected questions enables the site to create a profile that is comprehensive and provides a broad overview of your character and personality. This ensures that when profile searches are carried out, the best possible matches are returned in results.

Step 2 – Consent & Authorisation

Al-Ansar aims to ensure that each application conforms to religious guidelines, eliminating un-Islamic practices. Furthermore, all profiles at Al-Ansar are kept strictly confidential with only selected data viewable at various stages of the introduction process. Al-Ansar understands the extra sensitivity surrounding female applicants and the need for extra privacy. Therefore, the Islamic practice of keeping a valid Mahram within the process ensures that the system is not abused.

Step 3 – Searching Profiles

We have tried to make the searching process for potential partners as easy and clear as possible. With various search filters available, a more accurate list of results is returned. You can be sure to find the most suitable matches from our database Insha’Allah. The results displayed are also presented in a clear and comprehensive manner, displaying at a glance the important details you need to know.

Step 4 – Initiating Contact

Upon finding a potential profile on Al-Ansar, contact is initiated by clicking the ‘LIKE PROFILE’ button displayed under the avatar image. This sends a notification to the profile user (and Mahram if applicable) as well as to Al-Ansar admin staff. If the ‘LIKE’ is acknowledged in return by the notified profile user, contact details are submitted to each user and they may communicate freely thereafter. Al-Ansar monitor account activity throughout this process to ensure the system is not abused.