2nd Dhu al-Qidah, 1443 A.H.

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JUMA KHUTBA 12:15 & 13.00

JUMA KHUTBA 12:15 & 13.00 . Prayer Times

At Al-Ansar IEC we appreciate all the contributions that people have made to help build and run the centre. If you would like to join in other good work and have time to give, we would love to hear from you.


We want to build up a pool of volunteers on whom we can call as and when we needed.


If you also have specific professional skills which you would like to share with us or the wider community then please get in touch with the form below.


For example, if you are a doctor, would you be willing to help with health workshops and presentations. Or maybe if you are a lawyer, and can offer consultations for the community. Or if your skills are as varied as Graphics, Audio Engineering, Video Editing, or General maintenance. If you have such skills then please do get in touch using the Volunteer Form below.

If you would like to just offer your time in a general capacity then please use the form below which details our Volunteer Policy and Application form.